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Who is MBCN?

MBCN is a national, independent, patient-led, nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to the unique concerns of the women and men living with metastatic breast cancer . We strive to help those living with stage IV breast cancer be their own best advocate through providing education and information on treatments and coping with the disease.


Who Formed the Organization?

MBCN was founded in 2004 by Jane Soyer and Nina Schulman. When diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, they experienced feelings of isolation from the very groups established to provide support. They felt the stigma of being a ‘failure’ in the breast cancer community. Their belief that cancer cannot be viewed as a disease from which one is either a ‘survivor’ or to which one has succumbed, fueled their desire to advocate for change. 


Your Next Step

We invite you to read Nina’s welcome message and our mission statement and history, to view the bios of the medical professionals on our Medical Board and note the support of our Sponsors. We urge you to JOIN US as a member. Although we are a national organization, we do have scattered members across the various oceans. Our programs and information are offered free of charge to everyone.


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