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Every advance in treating breast cancer has been the result of a clinical trial.

What are the benefits of participating in a clinical trial?   from www.breastcancertrials.org
Receive innovative treatment that may become standard therapy in the future
Gain access to experimental drugs or procedures when standard therapies are no longer effective
Contribute to medical research that may benefit future generations
To help you prepare for a discussion with your oncologist and enable you to make an informed decision regarding participation in clinical trials, we offer the following information:
Q & A on Clinical Trials from Dr. Harold Burstein of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Phases of Clinical Trials from the National Cancer Institute


Clinical Trials Websites



10 step guide to find a cancer trial from the National Cancer Institute



Informative and easy to follow for basic information on clinical trials.



This site offers a matching service to search for clinical trials that apply to you. You need to enter specific medical information. You will be notified when a new trial opens that fits your profile.


Registry of all clinical trials, maintained by the NIH.


There is a feature to create your own profile to "match" you with a trial.




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