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MBCN has some answers to help you better understand your diagnosis and enable you to participate in making informed decisions regarding your treatment.

We are delighted to offer, FREE OF CHARGE, our Metastatic Information Kit, which includes our Diagnosis Brochure. (Note:The Diagnosis Brochure can also be ordered separately—see #2 below)

1. Our Metastatic Information Kit


The brochures in the kit come in a handy blue plastic envelope and include:

  • DIAGNOSIS: Metastatic Breast Cancer ...What Does It Mean For You?
  • Reference Card with generic & trade names of common drugs
  • Questions To Ask Your Doctor
  • Guide to Metastatic Breast Cancer with information on treatment, clinical trials, pain management and resources.
  • Glossary of Cancer Terms


Contact us at: kits@mbcnetwork.org. Include the number of kits requested and your name & YOUR COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS.

2. Our Brochure—DIAGNOSIS: Metastatic Breast Cancer …What Does It Mean For You  (This is the same brochure that is in the kit.)


TO ORDER BROCHURES ONLY: contact us at: brochures@mbcnetwork.org. Include the number of brochures requested and your name & mailing address.

You can also download the brochure here.

Please share this information with your medical team. They too are welcome to order kits or brochures for their metastatic breast cancer patients.

MBCN believes we all need to be our own best advocate…educating ourselves to be part of the decision making team. We hope this information will assist you in this process.



The production of this educational kit was made possible by charitable contributions from:



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