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It’s been a long time coming… but at last, there is support for funding and research for metastases .. and not just to prevent metastases from occurring!



Welch Lends Breast-Cancer Expertise to Scientific Council

7/12/10 UAB Press Release

In 2010 Susan G. Komen for the Cure created a sixty member Scientific Advisory Council because they saw a “need to prioritize where research funding would do the greatest good,” according to Dan Welch, PhD, a newly selected member and a metastatic researcher from the University of Alabama.

“I have an agenda,” continued Welch, “to promote the area of metastasis. It is disconcerting that the attribute of cancer cells causing greater than 90 percent of cancer deaths receives far less than 5 percent of government or foundation funding in the area of cancer. That statistic must change.”


Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Encourages President’s Cancer Panel to Focus on More Collaboration and Partnerships to Accelerate Cancer Cures

2/1/11 Business Wire

Chandini Portteus, Komen for the Cure’s vice president of research, evaluation and scientific programs, also testified that Komen is concentrating its research funding across many areas, with a focus on prevention and early detection; novel and personalized treatments for aggressive and metastatic cancers, and disparities in breast cancer incidence and mortality.


Princeton biologists may have pinpointed breast cancer’s molecular point of attack

2/4/11 by Seth Augenstein/The Star Ledger

“Everyone knows that metastasis - the spread of cancer - is the reason people die,” Yibin Kang said. “Everyone knows it’s the most important question - but it’s been almost impossible to tackle, it’s been too complicated. It’s only very recently that we have the tools to answer the question.”

Research Results Accomplished by METAvivor’s First Research Grant - A report by Dr. Danny Welch

2/8/11 Metavivor.org

Funds from the generous METAvivor research grant supported graduate students who are developing the tools that will allow us to test whether the KISS1 metastasis suppressor can impact the outgrowth of breast (and melanoma) tumor cells that have seeded vital organs, like the lung.


Local researchers identify gene to fight breast cancer

2/19/11 The South End (Detroit, Michigan)

Researchers at Wayne State’s School of Medicine along with the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, University of Chicago and Seattle’s Sage Bionetworks have identified a gene that will block sequences of nucleotides responsible for metastatic breast cancer



Only 2% of the annual cancer fund is devoted to any stage IV cancer, despite the fact that stage IV causes 90% of cancer deaths.

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