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MBCN has been truly fortunate in having members do their own fundraising to help support our work.
All of us at MBCN are volunteers, so all donations go toward our mission. Our conferences, programs, t-shirts, brochures and kits are FREE .... and we hope to keep that policy.
We are proud to shine the spotlight on our members who have come up with their own ideas on how to raise money for MBCN.
Take a look at what they've accomplished... maybe it will inspire YOU to launch a fundraiser! 



Deb Mumma - PA

To honor and show support for Deb when she was first diagnosed with mbc, her co-worker nurses held a Basket-Bingo event with raffles, door prizes, food, fun and they offered information on metastatic breast cancer to help raise awareness of the disease.

Below is a letter received by MBCN from Page Kissinger ... her words will touch your heart as she speaks for so many of her co-workers and friends.



June 24, 2020  

Hello. My name is Page Kissinger and I am a co-worker of Deb Mumma as well as a close friend. Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer and also found out that it was Stage 4 and also that she had areas on her femur, liver and spine. This was devastating news for everyone that is close to Deb. I felt absolutely helpless as to how to help her or even know how to be her friend. Deb herself is a very private person and kept a safe distance while she digested the whole situation. I knew Deb would not want any special attention paid to her because of the "cancer."

Now I have to confess that during her most desperate times, I do not feel that I was a very good friend to her and her husband. While she was unable to work and activity was restricted, I did not visit or call like a friend should. I admit it was selfish on my part, I didn't know what to say or do and I was scared. Deb never left my thoughts or prayers, I prayed for her every night and morning, but just never picked up the phone to call. I don't know why. Because of this, I decided that we needed to help her in some way. Knowing Deb, I know she would not allow us to do anything just for her. I knew she found a wealth of information and comfort through your network. That is when I got the idea to have a fundraiser for MBCN in honor of Deb Mumma. We decided to have a basket bingo and we had the physicians and other co-workers from the hospital sponsor and donate money to help carry this out. It was a great success which finally brings me to the purpose of this letter.

We were able to raise $2000 that we are donating to your organization in honor of Deb Mumma. I know you will be able to put it to good use by helping others the way you were able to help Deb. Your organization provides a very helpful and needed service and we, the CCU nurses and staff, are pleased to be a part of that.

On behalf of the CCU Nurses and Staff, Most Sincerely Yours,


Page M. Kissinger, RN


Lisa Winkler - PA

Lisa Winkler hosted Spin For A Cause at her local health club in memory of her sister Sharon Raics and donated all proceeds to MBCN.



Susie Samuel - Queens, NY

I was so fortunate to attend the MBCN Conference at Dana Farber. The whole experience moved me especially when Deb Tincher of Ohio spoke about how she put together a fundraiser in her local town. I thought wow I could put together a birthday celebration with my family and friends! I knew I needed help to pull this fundraiser off so I thought of all the people in my life who could assist - example: create an invitation, find a restaurant, work on a menu, collect raffle prizes, pick speakers who can educate the participants about Mets BC.

All in all - it took 3 months to put it together and I am proud to say it turned out to be a terrific success!!! In my "Thank you" speech I said "Life is beautiful, despite its ups and downs:

It's times like this when my happiness has no bounds. Let's pray that each new day will bring only good things to report... To my family & friends, thanks again for your love & support!"

Susie (57 years & still counting)

Enjoy viewing the photos!

Susie Samuel's 57th Birthday Fundraiser
@ Plaza Diner in New York on Sunday April 11, 2020





Debbi Tincher - Ohio

I was diagnosed in May 2009.  I couldn't return to my classroom but liked to go back and visit.

As a teacher I wanted to educate everyone in my community about Metastatic Breast Cancer.  I found MBCNetwork.org to be helpful in teaching me and giving me resources.  I decided to hold a fundraiser for MBCN.  We had games for children, raffles for adults, entertainment and food.  I spoke about my diagnosis and we had literature for people to understand this disease.  But most of all it was a very fun evening for all. 


Here are some pictures of the event.


Deb's fundraiser

Deb's fundraiser








Deb's fundraiserDeb's fundraiser



Colleen Logan Hofmeister - Long Island, NY

For one magical night each year, Colleen Logan Hofmeister and her buddy Pam Burford serve as guest bar tenders at the Sayville Yacht Club located on the Great South Bay in Blue Point, New York. All tips go to MBCN, and Colleen and Pam make things more interesting by dressing as pirates.

Aaaaarrrrggggh cancer, you're messing with the wrong gals!

Suggestions for next year's costumes would be greatly appreciated.

Regina Jabbour - NYC, NY

A judge by day... a singer by night.

Regina decided to help raise funds for MBCN by using her singing talent!

She, and her friend Helene, held a cabaret night — SING FOR THE CURE: SONGS OF HOPE, JOY AND COURAGE.

She and Helene did exactly that — singing songs of hope, joy and courage for us all. She generously gave the proceeds to MBCN to help support our programs.


Sing for the Cure


Hilla Elkind - NYC, NY

The first time I decided to raise funds to support the work of MBCN, I wrote a letter to all my friends and family — including the mission of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network. In the letter I included my personal story of dealing with metastatic breast cancer and how I am presently living with NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE for the past 15 years.... and counting!

I let them know that not everyone is as fortunate as I am. My words tugged at their heart and they generously donated. The donations I raised paid for the production of the first t-shirts MBCN gave to all participants in cancer walks who requested a shirt - to help get that word ‘metastatic' seen by the public.

The next time I decided to help raise funds, I did basically the same thing — but this time with phone calls. Actually, I found making the calls to be easier.

Additionally, on my 60th birthday, friends and family donated to MBCN, in lieu of buying gifts for me. And, my partner continues to honor me with donations to MBCN.




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