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Faltering Cancer Trials

April 26, 2020

By New York Times Editorial

The nation’s most important system for judging the clinical effectiveness of cancer treatments is approaching “a state of crisis.” That is the disturbing verdict of experts assembled by the National Academy of Sciences to review the performance of clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

Genome Study of Aggressive Breast Cancer Yields Clues to Metastasis

April 21, 2020

By National Cancer Institute

To study how cancer cells change as the disease progresses, researchers have carried out a genome analysis of four DNA samples from a woman with breast cancer whose disease spread to her brain. In addition to the primary breast and metastatic brain tumors

Scientists find key to gene that promotes cancer metastasis

April 12, 2020

By University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

HOUSTON - The molecular machinery that switches on a gene known to cause breast cancer to spread and invade other organs has been identified by an international team led by scientists at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. The paper was published Sunday in Nature Cell Biology’s advanced online publication.

Beta-blockers ‘cut cancer spread’

April 4, 2020

By BBC News

Blood pressure drugs may be able to reduce the ability of breast cancer to spread around the body, researchers have told a European conference.

Survival in metastatic breast cancer patients is improving: targeted therapies have contributed

April 4, 2020

By Kay Roche, ECCO - European CanCer Organisation

Barcelona, Spain: Trends indicate that survival is improving in patients with metastatic breast cancer, especially in those patients whose tumours are described as being HER2