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Cancer vaccine firm Immunophotonics wants clinical trials within six months

July 11, 2020

By Deanna Pogorelc

A Missouri biotech company developing a laser-guided cancer vaccine therapy is raising money to get into clinical trials by the end of the year. Immunophotonics has so far focused its laser-assisted immunotherapy, called inCVAX, primarily on breast cancer treatment. The two-step device and drug process attacks late-stage metastatic cancer.

Everolimus Trial Stopped for Benefit in Breast Cancer

July 6, 2020

By John Gever

A phase III trial of everolimus (Afinitor) in locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer has been halted after an interim analysis indicated that the study's primary endpoint -- a significant difference in progression-free survival relative to a control therapy after six weeks -- was met, the drug's manufacturer said.

Medicare to Keep Paying for Avastin

July 5, 2020

By Emily P. Walker

Medicare will continue to pay for bevacizumab (Avastin) when it's used to treat metastatic breast cancer, even if the FDA decides to remove that indication from the drug, a spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said.

FDA votes to recommend removal of indication for bevacizumab in metastatic breast cancer

June 30, 2020

After 2 days of hearings, the FDA on Wednesday voted to strip the indication for bevacizumab for use in patients with metastatic breast cancer and said follow-up trials did not confirm positive PFS results observed in the E2100 trial.

Some Senior Breast Cancer Patients Don't Get Full Treatment

June 29, 2020

By Pam Stephan

Women over age 66 with metastatic breast cancer don't always get the full range of post-mastectomy treatments. A study done at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston showed that almost half of all senior women with advanced breast disease do not get radiation therapy after their surgery.

Alternative Pain Therapy for Breast, Prostate and Lung Cancer

June 28, 2020

Bio-Nucleonics’ lead product Strontium Chloride Sr-89 Injection USP (Strontium-89), which is the generic version of Metastron®, is an option to consider for metastatic cancer bone pain therapy, typically caused by advanced stage breast, prostate or lung cancer.

Iniparib Loses Blockbuster Image in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

June 17, 2020

By Patrice Wendling

After having reported striking phase II data that sent both clinicians and patients with triple-negative breast cancer clamoring for iniparib, researchers are puzzling over a puny survival advantage in the phase III trial, and are questioning how the novel drug actually works.

ASCO: Drug Combo Fights Brain Mets

June 10, 2020

By Vandana G. Abramson, MD;

Systemic therapy with lapatinib (Tykerb) and capecitabine (Xeloda) may effectively treat brain metastases from HER2-positive breast cancer, delaying the need for brain irradiation, researchers found.

ASCO: Small Gains With Sorafenib in Metastatic Breast Ca

June 10, 2020

By Vandana G. Abramson, MD;

Pretreated advanced breast cancer slowed modestly but significantly with exposure to chemotherapy plus sorafenib (Nexavar), data from a randomized clinical trial showed.

ASCO: Platinum Chemo Equivalence Questioned

June 8, 2020

All platinum chemotherapy agents may not be as equally effective as often assumed, according to exploratory findings from a trial in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer.