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This section covers two very important topics: 

Support- including different kinds of support groups, support websites, retreats and special information for caregivers. 

Resources- including a selected list of websites with information on topics you need from financial to legal to clinical trials.


A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer brings with it a truckload of feelings along with many questions and concerns. This diagnosis is such a huge challenge - and we frequently find ourselves feeling isolated and alone.

But - we can reach out to others who share this diagnosis. Support is available and comes in different forms. We each need to find what works best for us.

Peer Support Matches are breast cancer groups that you call and they will match you with someone, somewhere in the country, who has your same diagnosis or same treatment - depending on what you ask for.


Telephone Groups work well for those who have no local in-person support groups, or those who find it too difficult to get to their local in-person support group, or those who prefer not having face-to-face contact in a support group.


Message Boards are always there – 24/ 7. Once you figure out how to post your questions and read the posts from others, it becomes an easy way to connect.


In-Person Groups for metastatic breast cancer offer a way to connect face-to-face, and such groups are few and far between. We list the ones our members have told us about. We do not list mixed groups for metastatic breast cancer and primary breast cancer as our members have informed us that such groups are not helpful. The list is alphabetical by state - with Canada at the bottom.


Caregivers offers support for those caring for a metastatic breast cancer patient.


To make your life easier: free cleaning service; personalized websites to organize your personal support community; and more.


Retreats: Sometimes you just need to get away and relax in a supportive environment with others who share your challenges.


Information on diagnosis/treatment: helpful sites including government, non profits and ASCO, the professional oncologist site to answer your questions.

Clinical Trials: sites that present trials in an easily searchable format.

Legal Resources: for workplace, insurance and other legal issues

Financial assistance: sites that offer help for paying insurance premiums, co-pays and other expenses

Housing options: free housing available during treatment

Transportation: local options and free air travel to distant treatment centers

Free publications: organizations who will send you free information and pamphlets



Although MBCN offers this information, we are not endorsing or recommending any particular type of support or any particular group or resource. We are passing along information that has been shared with us.

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